Maedbh7 (maedbh7) wrote in life_extant,

30 Ways to Show Somone You Care, Part 1

1) Notice them.
2) Smile a lot.
3) Acknowledge them.
4) Learn their names.
5) Seek them out.
6) Remember their birthdays.
7) Ask them about themselves.
8) Look in their eyes when you talk to them.
9) Listen to them.
10) Play with them.
11) Read aloud together.
12) Giggle together.
13) Be nice.
14) Say yes a lot.
15) Tell them their feelings are okay.
16) Set boundaries that keep them safe.
17) Be honest.
18) Be yourself.
19) Listen to their stories.
20) Hug them
21) Forget your worries sometimes and concentrate only on them.
22) Notice when they're acting differently.
23) Present options when they seek your counsel.
24) Play outside together.
25) Surprise them.
26) Stay with them when they're afraid.
27) Invite them over for a tea.
28) Suggest better behaviors when they act out.
29) Feed them when they are hungry.
30) Delight in their discoveries.

(attribution will be given at the conclusion of Part 5)
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