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30 Ways to Show People You Care, Part 2

31) Share their excitement.
32) Send them a letter or postcard.
33) Follow them when they lead.
34) Notice when they are absent.
35) Call them to say hello.
36) Hide surprises for them to find.
37) Give them space when they need it.
38) Contribute to their collections.
39) Discuss their dreams and nightmares.
40) Laugh at their jokes.
41) Be relaxed.
42) Adjust as needed so you are at their eye level.
43) Answer their questions.
44) Tell them how terrific they are.
45) Create a tradition with them and keep it.
46) Learn what they have to teach.
47) Use your ears more than your mouth.
48) Make yourself available.
49) Show up at their concerts, games, performances, and events.
50) Find a mutual interest.
51) Hold hands during a walk.
52) Apologize when you've done something wrong.
53) Listen to their favorite music with them.
54) Keep the promises you make.
55) Wave and smile when you part.
56) Display their artwork in your home.
57) Thank them.
58) Point out what you like about them
59) Clip magazine pictures or articles that might interest them.
60) Give them lots of compliments.

(attribution forthcoming at the end of part 5)
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