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30 Ways to Show People You Care, Part 3

61) Catch them doing something right.
62) Encourage win-win solutions.
63) Give them your undivided attention.
64) Ask for their opinion.
65) Have fun together.
66) Be curious with them.
67) Introduce them to your friends and family.
68) Tell them how much you like being with them.
69) Let them solve their own problems.
70) Meet their friends.
71) Meet their parents.
72) Let them tell you how they feel.
73) Help them become an expert at something.
74) Be excited when you see them.
75) Tell them about yourself.
76) Let them act their age.
77) Praise more; criticize less.
78) Be consistent.
79) Admit when you make a mistake.
80) Enjoy your time together.
81) Give them a special nickname.
82) Marvel at what they can do.
83) Tell them how proud you are of them.
84) Pamper them.
85) Unwind together.
86) Be happy.
87) Ask them to help you.
88) Support them.
89) Applaud their successes.
90) Deal with problems and conflicts while they are still small.

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