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30 Ways to Show People You Care, Part 4

91) Host a dance.
92) Tell them happy stories in which they are the protagonist.
93) Believe in them.
94) Nurture them with good food, good words, and good fun.
95) Be flexible.
96) Delight in their uniqueness.
97) Let them make mistakes.
98) Notice when they change.
99) Wave and honk when you drive by them.
100) Give them immediate feedback.
101) Include them in conversations.
102) Respect them.
103) Join in their adventures.
104) Visit their place of learning or place of business.
105) Help them learn something new.
106) Be understanding when they have a difficult day.
107) Give them fair choices.
108) Respect the choices they make.
109) Be silly together.
110) Hang out together.
111) Make time to be with them.
112) Inspire their creativity.
113) Accept them as they are.
114) Become their advocate.
115) Appreciate their individuality.
116) Talk openly with them.
117) Tolerate their interruptions.
118) Trust them.
119) Share a secret.
120) Write a chalk message on their sidewalk.

(attribution forthcoming after part 5) -H...
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