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30 Ways to Show People You Care, Part 5

121) Create a safe, open environment.
122) Be available.
123) Celebrate their accomplishments.
124) Encourage them to help others.
125) Tackle new tasks together.
126) Believe what they say.
127) Help them take a stand and stand with them.
128) Daydream with them.
129) Do what they like to do.
130) Make decisions together.
131) Magnify their magnificence.
132) Build something together.
133) Encourage them to think big.
134) Celebrate their firsts and lasts, such as their first home or last course.
135) Go places together.
136) Welcome their suggestions.
137) Visit them when they're sick
138) Tape record a message for them.
139) Help them learn from mistakes.
140) Be sincere.
141) Introduce them to people of excellence.
142) Tell them what you expect of them.
143) Give them your phone number.
144) Introduce them to new experiences.
145) Share a meal together.
146) Talk directly together.
147) Be spontaneous.
148) Expect their best; don't expect perfection.
149) Empower them to help and be themselves.
150) Love them, no matter what.

"This product is based on 150 Ways to Show Kids You Care, Copyright 1998 by Search Institute." From the pamphlet 150 Ways to Show Kids You Care, published by the Lutheran Brotherhood.

This pamphlet has been circulating on my desk for two years now, and I keep meaning to read through it and never actually doing so. During this latest desk-cleaning, I ran across it again and actually read some of it. And as I was reading through it, I was struck by the idea that, you know what? *Everyone* deserves to be treated this way. It's not just kids who need our encouragement and sharing and attention. From the barest acquaintance to the most long-term of loves, we all need these. We all deserve these. And we all have the capacity to deliver these.

Some few lines were slightly altered to remove the obvious 'kid' of it (for instance "104. Visit their schools." became "104. Visit their places of learning or places of business.") Other were left unchanged, because IMO, they still apply (for instance, "120. Write a chalk message on their sidewalk.").

In this world, there are so many ways to treat each other with excellence. It's time we did more of them, especially for the people we cherish. -H...
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