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The Joy of Living

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All Members , Moderated
The Joy of Living is a LiveJournal community for people to post and share the positive things in life that get them through each day. People who suffer from Depression are especially encouraged to join life_extant and share with us the good in your own lives.

We welcome silly jokes, happy stories, and warm fuzzy insights. Your own song lyrics are welcome, as are links to lyrics in copyright. Silly quizzes are welcome. And all things in moderation, including moderation.

All we ask in return for this good cheer is that posters please refrain from negative, sad, combative, or aggressive posts. If you feel a special need to talk about how depressed you feel today, depression, depressionsucks, and fightdepression are excellent, supportive communities. We ask that you post your worries there instead.

Please refrain from posting advertisements not relevant to the community's essential purpose. Management reserves the right to delete any such advertisements at any time.

Please join us in spreading light, life, and positivity! And be sure to check out our partner site, up_lifting, for even more light, life, and positivity! -The Joy of Living . . .

(Community Image used by permission of Aaron S. Allen. For more examples of his fine work, please see http://www.trecento.com/aallen/ ) )