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Good Question to ponder...

What are all the ways you know of and can think of to say "thank you" to the earth?

Let me just try and list some off the top of my head:
- plant trees, flowers, and other plants
- sit under a tree and just exchange energy
- make friends with the neighborhood squirrels
- send out wishes for peace and happiness to the world
- smile at people as you pass them on the street
- hug all of your friends at least once a day (when possible)
- cultivate a sense of peace within yourself
- buy from and donate to thrift shops and used book stores
- leave glamour bombs everywhere you go
- contact your elected officials and tell them they're doing a good job (if they are)
- rescue a stray animal
- talk to your plants
- donate money or volunteer time to an environmental organization
- walk barefoot in the rain - get dirty
- try going vegetarian or vegan
- protest against war and violence and the loss of civil liberties
- be friendly to the people who check you out at the stores
- call up a family member or another important person to tell them you love them
- do something kind for yourself every day
- send out a card to an old friend you've lost touch with just to say hi
- make silly faces at someone random who looks like they're having a bad day
- vote
- visit your local animal shelter and play with the animals
- watch the sunset and/or sunrise as often as possible
- recycle
- join a community supported agriculture co-op or shop at a farmer's market
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